hari keseratus sepuluh

yeahh. finally, it is confirmed !!!  the opening of malaysia's first ever H&M will be on saturday, september 22 bebehhh. the first store will be at Lot 10, KL and the second store at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. autumn/winter collections. double yeay ! HAHA. i love the tshirts, accessories, sneakers. idk whyyy. murah kot and sebab aku student tak kan nak pergi kelas everyday pakai zara. dan aku lagi selesa pakai tshirt je pergi kelas :) ohh and aku lagi suka H&M daripada cotton on hikhikhik. 

p/s; minggu nie ramai yang fly pergi states. honestly? jealous but happy for them :') toodles !

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