here again

Hye and Assalamualaikum.

After three years, i think i should start write something again. You know to express my feelings.  I dont know how to tell people about my problems, what i feel and everythings in between so i guess this is my platform to express everything. 

Nothing much happen. 

Same old.

Same old.

Just finished my PALAPES last year, officially a Leftenan Muda. 

Will be graduated this coming November, and cant wait ! Finally after four freaking years bebeh HAHA. 

Just broke up with my boyfriend, still moving on and yeps cannot forget everything in one day kan after almost two and half years hee. Ohh, dia tengah try awek baru. Good for him and we are back to be bestfriend right now, just like before couple dulu. No hard feelings :)

What else ? 

I guess thats all kot for now. How i miss to write something and i should continue my cerpen or novel ? i stopped it when i was happy with my ex bhahaha. I guess i should continue it kot :')

till then, toodles !